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Looking for a Sea View Beach Resort? Here Are 5 Things To Consider!

Did you know that sitting by the sea and watching an orange sunset or splashing around in the waters can help improve your health? It might sound crazy, but a sea view beach resort holiday might just be the beginning of the rest of your life!  

Spending simply a week or even 3 days at a beach resort in Mangalore can improve your mood, reduce stress and provide you with a much-needed getaway from the busy city life. Hence beach houses in Mangalore are a very popular vacation spot. 

However, due to this popularity, picking the perfect sea view beach resorts that meets all your requirements can be frustrating. So to help you out, here are five things to consider before booking the best beach stay in Mangalore or any other coastal city! 

5 Things To Look For When Booking a Sea View Beach Resort

It’s essential that you book a good Seaview beach resort to get the best of experiences. The following are some crucial criteria that you must consider when picking a seaside beach resort for your stay! Be it Mangalore resorts near the beach or any other coastal town, having a checklist will help you make the best of your time at the beach without facing any inconveniences that could’ve been avoided. 


The location of your accommodation is the most crucial aspect to think about before making your final decision. How close is it to the city? What other tourist spots are available to visit nearby? How far is it from the railway station/ bus station/ airport? Are there good restaurants nearby? All of these are some important things you need to ask yourself when comparing accommodations. 

Furthermore, it’s also crucial that you are satisfied with the beach view itself! 

Amenities offered 

Checking to compare amenities offered by sea view beach resorts often gets forgotten since most people are excited about the beach view rather than the stay. While most beach resorts provide all of the basic amenities such as a built-in fridge, air conditioning, television, and so on, make sure to also look for other amenities such as Wi-fi, security cameras, parking facilities etc. 

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Customer reviews 

What better way to scope out a resort than by talking to those who’ve had first hand experience? Check out the online reviews from previous guests of the beach resort. You can get their first hand impressions, ratings, and personal perspectives on the resort. If you have further queries that are left unanswered, call the resort to clear up any uncertainty you might have. 

Food provisions 

Trying the local food is a very important aspect of any vacation. If you haven’t tried Mangalore’s authentic seafood cuisine, then you haven’t experienced Mangalore! So, check to see if your luxury beach resort in Mangalore serves good food, or if any place nearby serves good food. Furthermore, make sure to check if the location is accessed by delivery partners. 


Finally, the last but still the most important thing you should remember to check is the availability of rooms and spaces. Depending on the type of vacation you’re taking, whether you want to mingle with other guests or enjoy your solitude, choose the right types of rooms and spaces offered. It’s important that you have private spaces to enjoy intimate moments while also having spaces where you can party with your entire group.  

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Although we couldn’t touch up on all of the important criteria like budget, sea activities, etc. These are some of the essential ones you need to consider to have a satisfactory stay. That said, if you are looking for the best beach stay in Mangalore, check out Raj Sea Front Beach Resort. Offering the best view, food, and amenities, Raj Sea Front Beach Resort will give you an experience of a lifetime! 

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