Things To Do In Mangalore at Night

Top 5 Things To Do In Mangalore at Night

If you’re staying in a Mangalore resort and are looking up “things to do in Mangalore at night,” you’re probably from one of the cities that thrives at night. It comes as no surprise that cities like Bangalore or Pune come alive at night, and it is also no surprise that Mangalore does not resemble these raucous metropolises. But do not write off the night experience in Mangalore just yet! 

Compared to Bangalore, Mangalore’s nightlife is much different; it’s calmer, more relaxed, and it gets quiet enough for you to hear the ocean! But if you’re still craving the beats and nightlife, here are some places you can visit and things to do in Mangalore at night! 

Things To Do In Mangalore At Night & Places to Visit

Although the age-old temples, rich history, beaches, and beach resorts in Mangalore are what it’s primarily known for, Mangalore also has a lavish nightlife that draws revellers from all over the state. It has a myriad of amazing bars and lounges that will get you in the party mood. The following are some of the top things to do in Mangalore at night and fantastic places you can visit to enjoy Mangalore’s best nightlife.

High Tide Bar

If you’re looking for something high-end and classy, this is for you. High Tide is a fantastic nightlife spot. It is one of the best places to hang out because of its trendy décor and comfortable couches. Be it to lounge and relax or to party, High Tide Bar checks all the boxes! Furthermore, it serves an excellent selection of appetisers, including Yeti Bezule and Chicken Pepper Fry.

London street 

This bar, inspired by the picturesque streets of London, is one of Mangalore’s most popular hangout spots. Loud music, delectable food, lip-smacking cocktails, and a crowd mixed with locals and tourists is what define this bar! If you’re looking for some amazing food with instagrammable aesthetics, then we highly recommend London Street! 

Golden Reef bar 

Your beach resort in Mangalore will definitely give you a glimpse of the shore life, but only the Golden Reef Bar can offer you the experience of nightlife by the beach! Located on Panambur Beach, this is the ideal spot to sip a beer while devouring the incredible seafood and cocktails with a beach view. Relax to soulful music, chug brews and beverages, and spend the night in one of Mangalore’s best nightlife destinations at the Golden Reef Bar! 

 Mangala Bar

Mangala Bar, a cosy spot with delectable food and drinks, is a popular hangout for both tourists and locals! It is one of the best places to experience Mangalore nightlife. It serves delicious burgers and kebabs that will surely satisfy the foodie in you. And when it comes to drinks, this bar offers a wide range of international brews as well as outstanding cocktails! 

Froth On Top 

Froth On Top has a very classy and chic vibe owing to the amazing food, charming crowd, and equally good music. Located right in the heart of the city, it is one of the most popular places to experience Mangalore nightlife. Find a wide variety of beverages and exotic wine collections to enjoy with friends or family over delicious food, music, and beverages! 

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Although it might seem like the city sleeps early, these restaurants will, without a doubt, satisfy your craving for a night out! If you’re looking forward to your trip, book one of the best beach resorts in Mangalore to crash at! 
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