Mangalore Street Food

7 Mangalore Street Foods You Must Try When Exploring the City!

A large part of a city’s culture is rooted in its street food. Immersing yourself in the vibrant and colourful Mangalore street food stalls will transform your travel experience and make it truly worth it. Try the best street food in Mangalore and make the most of your trip to this magnificent coastal city! Keep reading to find out more — 

Being a coastal city, Mangalore street food mainly consists of 3 basic ingredients: coconut oil, seafood and rice. With these simple ingredients, the street vendors work their magic to transform them into something delectable and enchanting. 

Listed below are some of the best street food in Mangalore that you need to try if you’re ever in town. The mixed aromas and the chatpata flavours from these foods will leave you wanting more. 

7 Best Street Food in Mangalore

Seer Fish Masala Fry

Coming in hot at number 1 is a classic Mangalore street food: The seer fish masala fry. Owing to the fact that this is a coastal town, seerfish is readily available, making it quite popular. The masala paste that coats the fish has spicy and sour undertones, and the fish is fried until the skin is crispy. In contrast to the crisp exterior, the flesh within is moist and juicy. This dish pulses with flavours because the spices emit such a strong aroma and flavour that it is impossible to resist.

Prawns & Crabs

Crabs - Mangalore Street Food

Prawns and crabs are fried and cooked in Mangalore with delicious masalas, broths, ghee, shredded coconuts, and a variety of spicy condiments. The Mangalore street food collection includes butter-roasted prawns and crab, bondas pepper fry, ghee roast crab, and crab meat soup. These are some of Mangalore’s most popular street foods that must never be overlooked.

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Chicken Ghee roast 

Chicken Ghee Roast - Mangalore Street Food

This spicy reddish dish with tangy and savoury flavours seeping out of every bite is a Mangalore must-have. The recipe is unique in that the spices are roasted in ghee to achieve a rich classic flavour. There are both Indian and English preparations of the dish available in the city. So, if you’re not a big fan of seafood, there are always new things you can try! 

Kerala parotta 

Kerala parotta popular in a city of Karnataka? Yes! The Kerala Parotta is a delectable dish that comes with a variety of curry options. Made with key ingredients such as eggs, maida, and milk, this layered flatbread, exotic Mangalore street food is a must-try for all foodies. What matters not is the location it’s served at but the heart that cooks it! 

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Mangalore buns 

Mangalore Street Food

This Udupi-Tulu Mangalore-style cuisine is pillowy soft bread puri made with a refreshing dollop of sweetness, containing flour, sugar, and mashed overripe bananas. Mangalore buns are also known as banana buns in Mangalore. Many Mangalore breakfast eateries serve these buns warm with coconut chutney.

Mangalore biryani 

Biryani is a popular dish in the south Indian cuisine course. Mangalore has its own take on this famous delicacy. There are many restaurants in the city that serve various rice delicacies such as Shahi Biryani, Prawn Biryani, and the most popular, Beary Chicken Biryani. It’s your typical Dum Biryani with a twist. If you’re ever in town, try at least a few of these Mangalorean versions of the Biryani!  


Finally, last but not least is the Mandakki. The Mangalorean Mandakki is a popular cultural Mangalore street food that consists of vegetables, cooked puffed rice, masala, and everything that will make your senses flutter. Enjoy it with a cup of chai by the coast and we’ll guarantee that you’ll make an unforgettable memory enchanted with a beautiful view and chatpata aroma! 

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