Valentine's Day at the Beach

Why Mangalore Is the Perfect destination for Valentine’s Day at the Beach

Are you searching for good places to go for valentine’s day? We’ve got your back! Spend your valentine’s day at the beach and make memories that you will cherish for years to come! Keep reading to find out how you can spruce things up for your beach date and why Mangalore is the perfect destination for your date! 

Beaches are universally adored, so you can never go wrong with a beach date. A combination of the sea breeze and the melody of the waves will transport you to another world. When you are near the ocean, you feel more at ease, less tense, and more creative. This means you can have more open and meaningful conversations with your partner. So to answer your question: Which place is best for Valentine day? The beach is definitely on top of the list. Plan a beach date with your partner and connect with them on a deeper, more creative level. 

If you’ve decided to spend Valentine’s Day at the beach but need help with how to organise your day, this blog is for you!

5 Valentine’s Day Beach Ideas To Plan Your Valentine’s Day at the Beach

You can incorporate all of these into your Valentine’s Day at the beach, or choose the ones that best suit your time constraints and budget.

Explore the beach

Make your valentine’s day at the beach fun filled, exciting and memorable by exploring and participating in beach activities with your partner! Mangalore beaches are dotted with various activities and stalls in which you can explore and participate. Motorboat rides, banana rides, jet skiing, water-scooter rides, parasailing, and surfing are just a few available activities. 

If you and your partner are the adventurous types, you can plan ahead of time and visit beaches that provide all of these activities within walking distance of one another. 

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Beach photoshoot

A good day, with the perfect outfits and a beautiful view, must be captured on film! Surprise your partner with a beach photo shoot session and capture photos you’ll cherish for years to come. We recommend sunset shoots as you can take advantage of the beautiful light on the beach. 

It doesn’t have to be just photos, you can always take a tiny camcorder with you to record moments at the beach to look back on. Nothing beats the sound of waves crashing on the shore as a backdrop for your love-filled shoot!

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Treasure hunt for souvenirs 

Seashells, crab cones, gleaming pebbles, and so on. Beaches are a treasure hunter’s paradise. You might think it’s ridiculous to plan a date that involves looking through broken scraps and shells. But isn’t that what making a cherished memory is all about? Spending time together doing silly little activities is what you’ll remember and cherish for years to come. 

Furthermore, you can tie the evening together by making DIY arts and crafts with the items that you find on the beach! Make a cute little bracelet or a pendent or even a keychain to remember the day. 

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Pamper yourself 

After a long day at the beach you will want to sit back and relax with the night breeze in your hair. What better way to do this than renting out a beach resort to lounge and relax. There are tons of options when it comes to Luxury resorts in Mangalore. Each one with unique packages that will fit your requirements. 

If you’re looking for one of the best beach resorts in Mangalore that is right by the beach and also offers Mangalorean delicacies, check out Raj Sea Front Beach Resort

Fancy dinner

Once you’re all relaxed and well rested it’s time for a fancy meal! You can either look into a beach side restaurant, or fix up a small private picnic for just the two of you. All the best beach resorts in Mangalore already offer meals along with the basic amenities. So if you’re booking a place to stay, inquire about the food arrangements offered by them. But if you prefer dining out in a restaurant, Mangalore has lots of restaurants with beach views!

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, if you want it to be more private, you can set up your own private valentine’s day beach picnic with candle lights and blankets and have food delivered to your location.

So as you can see Mangalore has several beaches and tons of options for you to plan your date around. If you need to know more about accommodation and food options at one of the best beach resorts in Mangalore i.e. Raj Sea Front Beach Resort, visit our website or simply give us a call! 

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First time celebrating valentines? This is for you! 

If this is your first Valentine’s Day with a partner, we’re sure you’ll have a lot of questions. Don’t worry, we understand what you’re thinking! The following are some common questions that a novice may have, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about!

When is valentine day? 

Valentine’s day is celebrated on the 14th of February. This year, it falls on a working day i.e. Tuesday. If you and your partner are busy you can always push it forward and plan an entire getaway for the weekend. 

Why we celebrate valentine day?

It began as a Christian feast day honouring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine and has evolved into a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many parts of the world through later folk traditions. To learn more about how the term evolved to describe a lover in poems and songs of the day check out this article

Which place is best for Valentine’s day?

As mentioned in this article, beaches are adored by many and you can never go wrong with a beach date. If you’re a coastal city dweller, be sure to consider Mangalore beaches and resorts while planning your date! 

What activities are done in Valentine’s day?

From photoshoots to fancy dinner and spa dates, valentine’s day is all about spending time with your partner in utter bliss and relaxation. Any activities that involve both of your interests will definitely be a hit! 

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