Surfing Course in Mulki

Surfing Course in Mulki, Mangalore, Udupi: Everything You Need To Know

Are you new to adventures? New to surfing? Trying to find the best surfing places in India? Contemplating whether you should learn surfing or not? — Find the answers to all your questions right here! From the origin of surfing to the benefits of surfing and the best surfing course in Mulki, this article has all the information you need. Keep reading to find out more. 

Before we get into the nitty gritty details of surfing, let us try and understand what this sport is all about. Why you need to learn it and how you can benefit from it. 

Surfing: Meaning, Origin, Types & Benefits

What is surfing: 

The technical definition of surfing is “Riding waves either upright or prone. Surfers ride ocean, river, or man-made waves across the water’s surface until they break and lose energy.” But simply put, surfing is a thrilling and exhilarating sport that allows you to catch and ride the waves to the shore. 

Surfing Course in Mulki

Essentially, when surfers see a wave that they can ride, they must paddle quickly to catch the rising wave. They must then jump from their bellies to their feet, crouching on their boards, as soon as the wave breaks. Surfers then ride this wave as it breaks towards the shore. They then exit the wave as it falls and loses power by turning their boards back towards open water.

Since the concept is simple, you can surf anywhere you want! All you need is a breaking wave, a board, and a brave athlete. Although, in some cases, you don’t always need the board. This is known as bodysurfing. Hence, surfing’s ultimate goal is to ride and progress on the unbroken part of the wave

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History and origins: 

Surfing’s origins can be traced back to premodern Hawaii and Polynesia, where the sport was practised by men and women from all social classes, from royalty to commoners.

Many surf historians and enthusiasts believe that bodysurfing, the art of gliding over the waves using only the body as a planing surface is the essence of surfing. Bodysurfing dates back to 2,000 BC, according to the University of Hawaii, but the first evidence of bodysurfing activity in the Western world appeared in 1899 when Australian Fred Williams took a few lessons from Polynesian islander Tommy Tana. Fast forward to centuries later, it is a recreational and physical activity as well as a competitive sport for many, but for others, it is a religion, a lifestyle, an addiction, and a spiritual connection with Nature.

Types of surfing: 

Although the concept is basic, the execution is not. There are different varieties of surfing activities that you can learn and participate in. Mentioned below are a few: 

  1. Wave surfing 
  2. Windsurfing 
  3. kitesurfing
  4. Wakeboard 
  5. Skimboard 
  6. SUP (stand-up paddling) 
  7. Bodysurfing 
  8. Keelboarding 
  9. Surf ski 

If any of these pique your interest, you can always reach out to surfing course in Mulki or Mangalore to learn and enjoy these surfing activities. 

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Benefits of surfing: 

Did you know that the idea of simply being near or on the water is good for physical and mental health? This is also known as Blue Health. Surfing is one of the most popular blue health activities, which capitalises on the known therapeutic effects of being active in or near bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, or the sea. Some of the major benefits of surfing include: 

  • Improved heart health 
  • Improved mental health 
  • Boosted coordination and balance 
  • Better sleep 
  • Burns calories 
  • Strengthened muscles 
  • Improved leg and core strength 
Surfing Course in Mulki

Now that we’ve talked about the surfing meaning, its types, history and benefits, let’s get to the part where we help you find the best surfing places in India. There are several surfing beaches in India that allow you to learn and practise the sport with professional assistance and guidance. 

Surfing courses 

In this blog, we’ll be mainly focusing on the best surfing destinations in Mangalore, Mulki and Udupi. These three locations have the best beaches and a thriving city. Hence, if you’re ever looking for the perfect town to have a coastal adventure make sure to check these out. 

Surfing course in Mulki 

  1. Mantra Surf Club

Mantra in Mulki, India’s first surf club, will teach you everything from surfing and kayaking to wakeboarding, stand-up paddle boarding, cycling, and even yoga! If you want to spend a weekend learning to surf here, the Ashram Surf Retreat also provides lodging.

  1. Mulki Sports & Adventure School Pvt Ltd: 

Mulki Sports and Adventure School is located on the banks of the Shambhavi River. They organise kayaking, surfing, and wakeboarding trips. They also have camping and homestay options. Some of the trips and packages they provide include bioluminescence kayaking and a three-day beginner surfing lesson with lodging and food.

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Surfing course in Mangalore 

  1. Mangalore Surf Club:

Stoked, also known as Mangalore Surf Club is perfect for you if you’re just starting out or want to be a serious surfer. They will not only teach you how to surf, but you will also be able to enrol in certification courses and first aid workshops. Separate courses for both kids and adults are available.

  1. Indica Surf School: 

Indica Surf School provides a variety of options, packages, and lesson types to ensure that all of their surfers receive comprehensive surf lessons. They have Surf School locations in Mangalore, Karnataka, Dapoli, and Maharashtra as well, and would love to welcome you to any one of their locations.

Surfing course in Udupi:

  1. Kadal Surf School: 

Kadal surf school, which opened in 2021, is the brainchild of two young individuals who enjoy surfing and other water sports. Experience the crystal clear waters of Udupi by participating in adventure water sports such as surfing, stand-up paddling, kayaking, and so on. Kadal Surf School is a one-stop shop for adventure sports and water fun!

  1. The Shaka Surf Club:

The Shaka Surf Club is the place to go if you want to ride the waves, soak up the sun, and then eat delicious home-cooked seafood meals. They also opened a skatepark where you can learn to skate as well as hone your skills on wheels. This destination is perfect if you are travelling with someone who isn’t so keen on learning to surf! 

There you have it, all the best surfing course in Mulki, Mangalore and Udupi. The following are some common questions asked by users who look for surfing course in Mulki and other adjacent coastal cities. 

Frequently asked questions: 

Which season is best for surfing in Mulki?

Mulki offers the ideal surfing weather during the pre and post-monsoon seasons. Except during the peak monsoon season, the conditions are ideal for new learners all year.

Which is the best time for surfing in Udupi?

The waves in Udupi are not intimidating, making it ideal for surfing all year except during the heavy monsoons. Udupi beach has no reefs or rocks, and you can see a lot of dolphins while surfing! 

How much does it cost to surf in Mulki?

Generally, surfing lessons cost around 2000 rupees per person per day. However, the cost may vary depending on the location and season. Hence it is advisable to call ahead and confirm the prices. 

What months are surfing seasons?

The most powerful waves are typically seen between May and September, during the pre-monsoon and monsoon seasons.

Where can I learn surfing in Karnataka?

As mentioned in the blog, Karnataka has several beaches with a variety of surfing schools to choose from. However, not all of them are located near cities that offer accommodations. If you’re looking at big cities like Mangalore you’ll find beautiful beach house resorts to stay at. 

With that being said if you are in search of family-friendly beach houses in Mangalore, check out Raj Sea Front Beach Resort.  Book now to get an excellent view and the best of amenities! 

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