Top 5 Sunset Views near Raj Sea Front Beach Resort, Mangalore

Top 5 Sunset Views near Raj Sea Front Beach Resort, Mangalore

Explore five exquisite sunset havens near raj sea front beach resort, Mangalore, each a gateway to disconnecting from your demanding routine

Picture this: you are immersing yourself in the embrace of serene, untouched surroundings. Imagine the soothing sensation of fresh air reinvigorating your senses. If you’re nodding along, then it’s time to indulge your passion for breathtaking sunsets in a way that truly rejuvenates. Book a mangalore resort near beach and start exploring spectacular views and harmonize with nature! 

Wondering where you can explore to find these breathtaking views? We’re here to help! In this blog we’ve listed the top 5 sunset views you can visit once you’ve settled into your sea view beach resort.

  1. Kapu Lighthouse:

Kapu, a quaint village 40 km from Mangalore and 17 km from Udupi, boasts a prominent lighthouse atop a rock, dating back to 1901. Serving as a vital beacon before satellite navigation, this 130 ft. structure continues to guide ships with powerful lamps. 

For a nominal fee of Rs 10/- (Rs 20/- with a camera), visitors can explore during daylight hours, reveling in panoramic coastal vistas and the serene beach. The lighthouse offers captivating views until 5 pm, revealing golden-hued skies at dusk.

  1. Bengre Sunset Viewpoint:

At this delta spot, Netravati and Gurpur Rivers merge into the Arabian Sea, creating an estuary. Capture the mesmerizing sunset and the convergence of three water bodies. Accessible via the Tannirbhavi beach road, remember to bring snacks and water, as no stalls are nearby. Avoid staying after dark, and note that swimming isn’t advised due to concrete boulders. Experience this uncrowded gem for a rewarding visit.

  1. St Mary’s Island:

A highly renowned tourist destination near Udupi and Mangalore is St. Mary’s Island, Malpe. Situated off the shoreline, this captivating island can be accessed via ferry from Malpe Harbor. Operating between 9 am and 5 pm, the ferry offers a chance to witness the island’s beauty. 

To embark on this experience, a fee of Rs 100 per person is required. Don’t miss the chance to witness the stunning sunset at St. Mary’s Island, where nature’s spectacle meets the breathtaking rock formations and sandy beaches.

  1. Lobo’s River View:

Lobo’s River View is a serene and tranquil destination approximately 20 minutes from Mangalore, which offers a peaceful retreat by the banks of the Netravati River. It is perfect for capturing picturesque moments against the backdrop of the river. It is also a favored spot for hosting intimate evening gatherings and events.

While an entry fee applies, the experience is undoubtedly valuable. Evening visits treat you to a captivating sunset view. With ample parking and seating, it provides an ideal setting to relax and savor the mesmerizing sunset scene.

  1. Sultan Bathery:

Fashioned from black stones in 1784, the petite stronghold offers stunning panoramas of the Arabian Sea. The presence of weathered cannons amplifies its historical charm. Nestled in Mangalore’s embrace, this location provides an enchanting backdrop for an intimate romantic escapade. As day turns to dusk, watch in awe as the sky paints itself in vibrant shades. The sun’s descent casts a golden warmth upon the serene waters, creating a truly captivating and romantic atmosphere.

So, whether it’s exploring diverse landscapes, capturing captivating sunsets, or basking in the tranquility of sea view beach resorts, Mangalore’s coastal treasures and the Raj Sea Front Beach Resort promise an unforgettable escape that marries luxury with nature’s allure.

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