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Visiting a Coastal City? Here’s a Travel Essentials List You’ll Need!

Are you planning a holiday in a coastal town? Perhaps to a beautiful sea view beach resort in Mangalore? Perhaps not. Either way, when travelling to a coastal town for vacation, a personalised travel checklist for the shore is a must! If you’re someone who’s looking forward to spending your vacation at the beach without any hiccups or headaches, keep reading! 

A travel essentials list is critical to making the most of any trip you are planning. If you forget to bring your hall ticket, all of your studying and revising will be for nought. Similarly, without certain essentials, your trip might get bumpy or even come to a halt. Hence, having a travel checklist will help you ensure that you don’t get caught up in the excitement and forget your essentials.

Listed below are some of the most important travel essentials to pack when travelling to a coastal city. 

Travel Essentials List for the Coast

Personal care essentials 

It’s almost instinctive to pack your toothbrush and face wash every time you pack. However, when vacationing on the coast, you’ll need to add a few more items to your personal care kit. These are: 

  • Sunscreen 
  • Moisturisers 
  • Umbrellas 
  • Sunhats
  • Facemasks 
  • Sanitisers 

These will not only keep your skin safe and protected but will also keep you safe from bacteria lurking around every corner. Although COVID protocols have been relaxed, wearing a mask in a crowded area will keep you flu and infection free.

Blanket/ Beach mat 

This may appear to be the most obvious item to bring on a beach trip, but it is also the most frequently overlooked. Even if you’re staying at a seaview beach resort, you’ll need to bring certain items closer to the water on occasion. Running back into the resort to get your water bottle/ spare clothes, or towels can get exhausting. So make sure you bring a beach mat to lay your items on while you go for a dip in the ocean.  

Tissues and other toiletries 

If you haven’t booked a sea view beach resort, which we highly recommend, you may have to use public restrooms. Carrying tissues, a small soap, and shampoo can help you clean up before returning to your hotel. In addition, to avoid disasters in the case of a shampoo or lotion spill, make sure you have a separate bag to carry your toiletries apart from your electronics.

Ziplock bags 

Speaking of spills, zip lock bags are one of the top 15 items to have on any travel essentials list. You can use them in a variety of ways, be it to keep your electronics safe from the water or any other spills you might have in your bag or to separate your wet and smelly clothes from the clean ones. Make sure that you carry ziplock bags of various sizes to avoid any last-minute troubles. 

Flip flops 

Flip-flops will easily make it into the top 5 travel essentials list when going to the beach any day of the week. If you’re someone who doesn’t visit the beach on a regular basis, the cons of sand will definitely slip your mind. Hence, make sure to slip in some comfy flip-flops in your luggage ahead of all other packing. The sandy shores might possibly damage your expensive footwear, but with flip flops, you can put your worries to rest! 


There you have it. A beach-friendly travel essentials list to help you steer clear of any hiccups during your trip to the beach. If you still haven’t decided where you want to travel to, check out Raj Sea Front beach resort. It’s one of the best Mangalore resorts, with fantastic amenities and an even better view of the beach! For more information, please contact us or visit our website!

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